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Hakuei Penicillin I Pretty Boys t Rock artists Visual kei

Hakuei Penicillin I Pretty Boys t Rock artists Visual kei


Hakuei: Penicillin



HAKUEI (Penicillin)

Hakuei. Penicillin. Good god how I love a man with tattoos.

Hakuei. Penicillin.

Hakuei: Penicillin Emo, Fandoms, Camera, Anime, Musicians, Rock Artists,

Hakuei. Penicillin. Litchi Hikari Club.


Hakuei. Penicillin. Litchi Hikari Club. Club, Pretty Boys, Visual Kei,

Hakuei, Penicillin

Hakuei. Penicillin.

aspires to elevate visual kei in the heart of Shibuya, at the reborn “MAGNET by SHIBUYA109”

Hakuei. Penicillin. Love this! Fandoms, Music, Rock, Dove Grey,

Vocal: HAKUEI. ‹


Guitar: Chisato (千聖)

HAKUEI, singer in Penicillin!

PENICILLIN promoting "Rosetta" (2010) Left to Right: O-JIRO, HAKUEI, Chisato

Today's subject is the second album of the solo project from the Japanese singer Hakuei, named Samurai and released on 14th ...

The Art Reference


HAKUEI,PENICILLIN,Timeless Beauty,Unmatched Beauty

Vocalist Hakuei in 2008.

“Eternal My Dear” by HAKUEI (Long PV preview) – visual ioner

Today's subject is a band, which literally wrote a part of the visual kei history, representing probably the most rebel part of ...

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Girl or Boy? -Visual Kei Androgyneity-

This one is surely their most famous song ever, a symbol for the whole Japanese rock scene, covered by most artists. This success probably came from the ...


#27 - Chisato

Originally a visual kei band, Glay went on to become one of the best-selling musical acts in Japan.

The way you enjoy visual kei is about to change.

Nightmare (Japanese band)

Poster – Kagerou 蜉蝣 – 1

PENICILLIN vocalist Hakuei and Nightmare drummer Ruka are the two primary members in the project “The Legendary Six~Nine.”

Here I am with the second part of this week's “Let's Listen to”! This time the subject is the fourth single of the emergent visual kei band iNSOMNiA, ...

2001–2009: Neo-Visual Kei[edit]

I want to eventually own this DVD…

OSAKA MUSEありがとう! 燃えました🔥🔥 やっぱり、みんなの声が直接届い

Today I got the opportunity to live an amazing experience! I met incredible people and

11 (mostly) Visual-Kei tunes to get you in the mood for Halloween


The main theme is the music used for filling the emptiness of life. It has been followed by their second full-album God of Grind -Real Penicillin Shock-.

Japanese fans doing X Japan cosplay. Visual kei ...

Visual kei band OROCHI call themselves a “samurai rock band” and aim to bring nations together through their live shows. The band first started in Australia ...

NoGoD is a heavy metal with visual kei style band formed in 2005 in Tokyo, Japan. The band consist of Danchou (Vocals), Kyrie (Guitar), Shinno (Guitar), ...

Interviewing the man who coined the term “Visual kei”, Seiichi Hoshiko

calli_chan. Happy birthday, dear Hakuei!! Ly🖤 🎀🎀🎀 #hakuei

[1998.11.21] PENICILLIN IN ROCK OPERA HAMLET SOUND TRACKS (Soundtrack) * [1999.10.06] THIS IS PENICILLIN 1994~1999 (Best Album)


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In this month's podcast, we're keeping in-line with last month's formula, we're sticking to one topic and hashing it out while giving a few small stories ...

hakuei_love_12_16's Media: おはようー🙌🏻💗 HAKUEIカッコよすぎ😍ヤバ

Confessions of a Visu

Weekly Playlist - V-ANIME: Visual Kei Anime Covers

Because why wouldn't I post lots of Hakuei???

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Visual kei - Image: X Japan Madison Square Garden 10 11 2014 42 (15555304252

Our Get to Know Candye Syrup video is live on YouTube now! This is our


Don't forget to turn on the subtitles and learn more about the concert […]

I can't fully describe why I feel so strongly towards MEJIBRAY.

Stylish Wave Generation – Akasaka BLITZ

It's been awhile and this was meant to be the May 18 post… but I'm going to get as many as I can just n 1 heap to the blog!

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Band: PENICILLIN (1992-), Solo/Crack6 Position: Guitar DOB: October 4th, 1971. Blood type: B From: Tokyo Influences: Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page, ...

... of at least two visual kei artists that deliver genre-specific tones. As per usual, my personal favorites are the bold ones. Click on them for a YouTube ...

Long ...

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Halloween is in less than a week and we all have our favorite playlist for this time of the year! For Visual Kei fans, I thought it would be fun to ...

-Kuronosu no wana (Chronos' trap): a distant and fascinating sound starts this album, going in slowly, until a slow-paced rhythm emerges, with Hakuei ...

Renowned solo artist Kaya will be joined by musical unit Moon Stream, featuring Satsuki and Tomo, for an night of Visual rock ...

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Penicillin ...

-Who's Gonna Save Us: the title-track starts with a dark melody, accompained by a fast beat; Hyde's voice is piercing and intense, keeping up a song ...



On December 13, 2009, PENICILLIN impressed at the final show for their TOUR2009 hageshiku fuka cell.

Think you have an allergy to penicillin? Well, 19/20 people who report


When it comes to artists–especially in visual kei–members are pretty strict about keeping their professional life separate from their private life.

The Art Reference

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Sharing his visions with Petri, together they decided to form a visual project from scratch. That marked the start of Crestillion, ...

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Narcissism and Pathos #HAKUEI #PENICILLIN #PENICILLINBAND #jrock #jrockband #japan_rock #

K-rockers-Korean version of visual kei but they aren't that known like j- rock.

YOHIO isn't your average Visual Kei artist. This 16-year-old "bishounen" boy hails from Sweden, and plays for a Swedish Visual Kei band called Seremedy, ...

Poster – the studs SIGNED poster (2)

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This week we are going to review the first three singles by the young visual kei band Meary.

Because why wouldn't I post lots of Hakuei???