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Done for DbD's first anniversary featuring all their killers been released by the time.

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... characters alike, including loose kimono ...

Soooo, we covered most of the big stories that came out of Comic Con last episode, but we didn't have the word count to cover every little story, ...

The Devil's Carnival 2012/2015• #terrancezdunich #darrenlynnbousman #thedevilscarnival #alleluiathedevilscarnival

Top 10 Games That Ruined Your ChildhoodFor those of you that played these games awful games, you have our deepest condolences. Welcome to WatchMojo and ...

Toy companies producing movies isn't anything new, and now, a new opponent is ready to enter the ring with a fresh start. Mattel, the company behind beloved ...

Recently Darksiders 3 was announced, a welcome surprise for fans of the series who thought the series was over after THQ went out of business.

Lisette Aznable

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LARRY: Yeah this is the kinda film I would probably hate if it wasn't for my nerdy love for the characters of Aquaman. Seeing the characters brought to life ...

Give Me Your Fandom, Spare Me Your Standom (EDITORIAL) - For All Nerds .

More expression challenge meme stuff. I'm still not done yet. ;u

American Horror Story Fan Art Exhibition

I'm pretty sure I have spent more time in the character creator then actually playing Dragon Age: Inquisition. Which is saying a lot because I have racked ...

Q The Light Of Our Solus 2: Mordin You Can Handle (RWBY)


Isekai as a genre is rapidly becoming passé (if it isn't already). So, it takes a lot to set a show apart from the pack...which this one does well.

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Magical Girl

If there was an award for the most educational series of the year, this would be an easy winner. Beyond the lackluster synopsis lies an exciting and ...

... and your eyes quicker' #aela #aelathehuntress #aelathehuntresscosplay #cosplay #skyrim #dragonborn #aelacosplay #aelaskyrim #sfxmakeup #sfx # makeup

Greg Burnham


Last year at New York Comic-Con, legendary creator Todd McFarlane spoke in length about plans for a new, self-directed Spawn reboot.

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Sooooo...... the DCEU. Yes we're talking them again. We kinda thought they had their shit together after the success of Wonder Woman as well as the ...


I don't often rewatch anime, but this is one I find myself going back to. It's one of the most relaxing and informative shows I've ever seen. The characters ...

When you find a submarine ride at an arcade... Mera is not amused

Dragon Ball Know it All! :: Game Show Theater (Citron)

“That's a silly question. There have been times when I was a man,

Player Character ...

American Horror Story After Show

Hello! We are a Florida based idol group! We consist of the characters,

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MechaCon 2016 Program Guide

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American Ninja Warrior After Show

Courtesy of Nerdcore Movemnt

The Devil's Carnival Dallas 2015 • #sfx #sfxmakeup #

I want to be like those heroes in books, someone who fights for what is

America's Next Top Model After Show

90 Day Fiance After Show


RWBY: The Series :: Anime Viewing Room (Azalea B)

Go Big or Go Home Cosplay

Overlord is part action war movie, part body horror, and all parts fun. If you saw either of the trailers, you know exactly what you're getting in for, ...

A side by side of my Nora, because she's definitely my most accurate cosplay and

The face that Pyrrha makes when Nora startles her ...

when you've been in a fandom for so long you develop a cosplay hyper sense


Maria Arzonia

Just gonna upload some makeup test photos because I never have content. ---

Andrea Lewis is our 'Woman Crush Wednesday' - For All Nerds .

It appears the designers like Impossibly Cool Armor ...

Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who went to Pop hub last sept.15 &16

Character Comparison: Cinder Fall vs Sharkface🔥 ~~~~~~~~

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Soooooo.... more X-men shenanigans, cause we can't enough of those. Well, at least this has a somewhat awesome slant to it.


I know y'all tired of me posting this 😂 but I'm not

[ IMG]

Marvel TV Weekly

I won't lie, I had an amazing time with this pose and I


Shop Horror Tees

I've been cosplaying for over 7 years now. One of the biggest fears

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Why Geek Culture Gives Me Hope (OP-ED) - For All Nerds .

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I HAD to get on this #cosplaymakeupimprovement challenge! I used to literally shy away

I want to do a new clown look. -M #CosplayersOfInstagram #Cosplayer #

I wanna ride my chocobo all day~! I missed cosplaying this sharpshooter, I

Hi! I'm Emily! I'm 16, live in England,

Con Season 2018: Awesome Con March 30-April 1st (Visit FanCon Booth #1866!)

Do you agree? 💕🌹 comparison between season 1 Caroline & Lizzie Saltzman ! •

S.H.I.E.L.D. (2014-) 007-008

Repost @frightfullywicked Team RWBY selfies from MCM! ・・・・・ The caption

#hittingonallsevens #tech9ne #thedevilscarnivalalleluia #terrancezdunich #thedevilscarnival #musical #horror #soundtrack

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