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Our Baseball Cards Aren't Worth Shit, But Memories

Totally #LAME that the MLB won't let Wild Thing throw the first pitch of the series!


28. Harmon 560x330

The 2014 Topps were released last week, and though I promised myself a few years ago that I would grow up and stop wasting money on new baseball cards, ...

Ripken can't believe Fleer wasn't able to catch the error. He even takes it a step further and suggests the company may have purposely enhanced the writing.

The Most Expensive Baseball Cards Ever Sold

T-Cards: Tobacco Baseball Cards

By Chris Olds | Editor | Commentary. The biggest drama in the baseball ...

We've had no word from Topps on whether Minor League Baseball's newest phenom, Billy Ray “Rojo” Johnson, will be included in the second series of 2010 Topps ...

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And it was even harder to find these cards before Engel published the first edition of his guide in 1993. Compiling this resource was a daunting task given ...

Example of a 1909 T206 Honus Wagner. The T206 Honus Wagner baseball card ...

Classic early Darryl Strawberry cards when there was more promise than a first date in eighth grade. Or... Classique cartes Darryl Strawberry tôt quand il y ...

What baseball fan didn't grow up with a baseball card collection? Praying that the best card that your father has is handed down to you, for some, ...

Don't Overlook These 5 Cheap Baseball Card Sets from the 1990s 3

Miami Marlins hitting coach Barry Bonds, signs autographs before a spring training baseball game against the Washington Nationals, Friday, March 4, 2016, ...

The Metropolitan Police Department in Washington can't locate the owner of this baseball collection

Topps Living Set Shohei Ohtani Card Sells Over 20,000 Copies

Vintage Baseball Cards

Should I Sell My Baseball Card Collection?

1990 Classic Series 2 (#T-16 Larry Walker)

How 7 rare Ty Cobb baseball cards worth $1 million were rescued from the 'trash'

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A fabulous 30,000 vintage card collection might include Topps, Bowman, Goudey, Diamond Stars

Willie Mays exploded on the baseball stage in 1951. Actually, things didn't start out so smoothly for the Say Hey Kid.

The T206 Honus Wagner, possibly the most famous baseball card of all time.

This is a common question that we are asked when purchasing a collection. There is one main answer to this question: Selling items on eBay is much more ...

1990 Topps Baseball Cards 22

Image is loading Duke-Snider-1955-T-Baseball-card-210-Brooklyn-

Unfortunately for collectors, there aren't too many Satchel Paige baseball cards to go around…

Roger Maris Baseball Cards – Best of All-Time

Slideshow: A collector's dream: 7 rare Ty Cobb baseball cards discovered | 89.3 KPCC

By Chris Olds | Beckett Baseball Editor | Commentary

1988 fleer Edgar Martinez

50 Baseball Trading Cards Grand Slam Package - Old School Players Including Mickey Mantle, Babe

1988 Upper Deck Baseball Card Astros Ken Caminiti Upper Deck Baseball Cards, Sports Party,

Image is loading Carl-Yastrzemski-1965-T-BASEBALL-385-Boston-Red-

Don't let anyone tell you otherwise, being juvenile can pay off. Two brothers have proven this. They've been humorously scribbling on baseball cards since ...


The 'Jumbo Wagner'[edit]. 1909 T206 Honus Wagner Baseball Card ...

Printing Custom Baseball Cards for Kids

The Monet of Baseball Cards. Amelie Mancini Doesn't Produce Your Typical Packs: Artisanal Cards From Brooklyn by Way of France

Free Images : painting, pants, art, illustration, vintage baseball, backyard baseball, baseball cards, baseball jerseys, baseball uniforms history, ...

How Alvin Davis and Mark Langston Helped the Seattle Mariners Make Their First Baseball Card Splash

Vintage Sports Cards with Investment Potential

Those of you under the age of 60 can't possibly imagine the impact that Television had on America in the 1950's. It changed our personal habits as well as ...

A Hubbard

... commented this weekend, “You haven't seen impulse buying until you've seen The Common Man look through boxes and tubs of old baseball cards.”

... often seeming ...


Joe Brinkman Autographed Baseball Card T and M Sports Cards Major

Bowman draft checklist baseball cards chrome rolling super jumbo

1981 Topps Traded # 754 T Brian Doyle Oakland Athletics (Baseball Card) Dean's Cards

Topps Baseball Card Archive Prints

Say it ain't so? Brooklyn born - Joe Pepitone 1965 Topps Baseball Card

Free Images : person, profession, illustration, vintage baseball, baseball positions, backyard baseball, baseball cards, baseball jerseys, baseball pants, ...

I was reading through the buy/sell forum on the Blowout Cards Forum and someone was selling a 2018 Topps #50 Anthony Rizzo SP variation for $2 + shipping.

The cards are a hair wider than traditional baseball cards, meaning they won't fit in normal 9-pocket pages. The backs are blank.

Create Your Own Baseball Cards

Ok, so if I'm being honest with you, I didn't build this card because of a laundry tag.

Most valuable Fleer baseball cards

Sample Card

See, I told you it's a very simple design. I matched it up with Hank Aaron because the Padres weren't around back then and you can't go wrong with the real ...

As with other sports memorabilia, baseball cards from the 1960's and earlier tend to be the most valuable.Many got thrown out or weren't cared for well.

Aaron was already a well-established big leaguer, but apparently wasn't well

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1933 Goudey #160 Lou Gehrig baseball card

QuestionI just started collecting and I don't know much about baseball cards. Can any of you guys tell me why this card is numbered ...

In 1955, both were horizontal but Bowman cards were formatted in a way that collectors wouldn't confuse them with Topps cards... the 1955 Bowman set looked ...

I wouldn't normally show stickers like this as they're a dime a dozen for the most part when it comes to junk wax bulk lots ...



David Ross talks about John Smoltz on “Old Baseball Cards.” (Yahoo Sports)

With that yardstick, 1966 does just fine, because literally dozens of the cards – mostly the posed-action ones but a number of the portraits as well ...

1955 Bowman Baseball

In addition to Hall of Fame players the collection includes a number of images as used for classic baseball cards and publicatio ...

Details about Roberto Clemente 1962 T BASEBALL card #10 Pittsburgh Pirates / RP

History of Bowman Baseball Cards – Reborn Image Gallery

Don't think Trice, it's alright

(4) 1911 T 205 T 206 Baseball Cards Gold Border Piedmont Caporal STAHL WHITE | #1933374566

1976 Topps Traded # 58 T Ron Reed Philadelphia Phillies (Baseball Card) Dean's Cards


Tim Tebow baseball cards

Five Jedd Gyorko baseball cards that don't exist (but should)

Lajoie Can't Compete with Wagner — In Baseball Cards

Sports Cards For Insane People: Skybox Thunder, When Baseball Card Writers Tried To Rap

1909-1911 Harry Gasper "T-206" Cincinnati Reds Tolstoi Tobacco Baseball Card : EBTH

Yogisms and Baseball Cards – Complete Visual Guide to the Great Yogi Berra

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